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Welcome to our profitable entrepreneurs community


What we offer

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Online Courses

Professionally created video courses to help you fully acquire the educational content in a fun and inspirational way.

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Live Sessions & Workshops

Our trainings are specifically designed to provide a transformational experience, leading to mindset shifts. 

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Virtual Live Events

Improve and strengthen your knowledge with live immersive events on specific topics, where you will experience real time practice, laser coaching sessions, life-changing connections and much more.

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It stands for Profitable Entrepreneurs Party. This free mastermind style event focuses on collective value and overcoming isolation through a safe space for business owners to help one another.

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Premium Group Coaching

Get personalised help to grow your business fast and aggressively in a group coaching program.

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1-0-1 Coaching

The mission of our coaching offers is to support you in creating a personalized life of independence that will continue for years, as well as an impact that will last a lifetime.

Our Advantage

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The teaching style is easy-going, fun and inspirational.

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5% theory + 95% practice

Our trainings include both theoretical and practical parts, with focus on real time practice, which makes the learning process much easier.

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Guaranteed Results

Our students’ feedback lets us proudly claim that our lessons have 100% efficiency.

Our goal is

To help ambitious business owners to build profitable business so they can have more time to do what matters most.

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Tired of those weird sales calls?

Find out what's your #1 mistake holding you back from successful sales calls. In the end, you’ll receive a personalised game plan about how you can solve that.

Find out what's your #1 mistake holding you back from successful sales calls. In the end, you’ll receive a personalised game plan about how you can solve that.

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Coach Kateline Skylark's methodology


Who I work with

I work with entrepreneurs to help them build a stronger mindset & improve their skills, so that they can take inspired actions to achieve their business goals. 


How I work

I help my clients to remember their inner genius, beauty and true self-worth. I show them how to release their self-doubt, limiting beliefs, fears or lack of confidence while motivating them to achieve their goals.


What we work on

➸ Help you have a clear vision and direction

➸ Help you strategise your actions
➸ Upgrade certain skills
➸ Optimize your environment
➸ Master your mindset & emotions

What our Students Say


"It is amazing to have someone by your side to listen to your problems and help you find solutions."

Sammysam Ajayy

"You become more conscious and have clear ideas when you are able to talk about your struggles with a coach. Kateline asks the right questions and that has been very valuable to me."

Ale Aragonés