Motivation Madness

Duration 16 m 36 s


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Motivation Madness

About Course

Boost your motivation and get you to your goals 10 times faster

With this mini-course you will learn:
➽3 simple & practical steps you must take to feel motivated non-stop

➽Fun mind hacks that WILL make you feel confident and unstoppable 

➽How to unlock your high-end future & tap into unusual "productivity cycles"

In the end you will:

▪Eliminate procrastination

▪Boost your confidence & energy

▪Take complete control of your day



Bonus 1: 2022 Journal (sold for 15,95€)

This journal will be your main daily tool to design the life of your dreams! It will be the place where you will write down your goals, desires, affirmations and everything that comes to your mind while you answer prompts.
It has included some trackers like habits, water consumption, passwords and many more.

Bonus 2: Prompts Vault (sold for 9,95€)

This will be your main tool to journal freely with 130+ ideas!
Answer these questions to find out more about yourself, your beliefs and what you would like to improve in your life!

Bonus 3: Affirmations Vault (sold for 9,95€)

This will be your affirmations bank. You will find hundreds of affirmations related to: gratitude, wealth, relationships, Law of Attraction, success, self-love & health.

Bonus 4: Time management training (from a 495€ program)

This training is designed to help you:

▪Have clarity about your priorities & obligations

▪Learn to invest time in the right places

▪Know how to manage business time and personal lifetime

▪Reduce your stress levels

▪Increase productivity and efficiency


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Course content

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videoYour Editable Workbook Start
videoYou'll be unstoppable after this video6 m 35 s Start
videoLast tip to improve your productivity5 m 14 s Start
videoWelcome to your Bonuses!51 s Start
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videoTime Management Training12 s Start
Kateline Skylark

Kateline Skylark

Course Instructor